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    %%AnGiang is a province in the western region of South-Vietnam. The province is inhabited by the Kinh (92% of the total population), the Khmer (5%), the Cham (1.5%) and the Hoa (1.5%). AnGiang has long been famous for its traditional occupation of mulberry growing, silkworm raising and silk weaving. Archeologically, AnGiang is the location where many relics belonging to the Oc Eo Civilisation have been excavated. These are some tourist attractions of AnGiang :
    Núi Sam ( Sam Mountain) : As a good spot for sightseeing, the Sam mountain range is home to many relics such as Tay An ancient pagoda, Temple of Ba Chúa Xứ ( Queen Xu), Chùa Hang ( Grotto pagoda) and Lăng Thoại Ngọc Hầu ( Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau).
    Chùa Tây An ( Tay An Pagoda) was built in 1847 following designs often found in both Vietnamese and Indian pagodas.
    Đền Thánh Mẫu ( Temple of Thanh Mau) is dedicated to a woman. The sanctuary of the temple is for the worship of a granite statue of Thanh Mau ( Mother of God). Organised between the 22 nd and the 27 th days of the fourth moon, this annual festival draws as many worshippers as that at the Huong Pagoda in northern Vietnam.
    Built inside a natural grotto, Chùa Hang ( Grotto Pagoda) was the hideout for resistance fighters during the last two resistance wars.
    Lăng Thoại Ngọc Hầu ( Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau) is the place to commemorate Thoai Ngoc Hau who was merited with reclaiming the wilderness, at the basin of Mekong River to build villages and dig the canals Vinh Te and Thoai Ha for drainage.
    Nhà lưu niệm Tôn Đức Thắng ( President Ton Duc Thang Memorial House) : To arrive at this memorial house, visitors are taken on board a launch for a cruise along the Hau river. On the way back to Long Xuyen ( provincial capital of AnGiang), the launch will take visitors on a detour to see the beautiful lush green riverbanks.
    Cửu Trùng Đài ( Nine-level Tower) is very close to a road that runs from Vietnam into Cambodia.

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