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    %%Bình Thuận is a province on the southern part of the central coast. Phan Thiết, provincial capital of Bình Thuận, has been nationally famous for its fishing and fish sauce making industries. The locally made fish sauce is high in the content of protein.This town is also reputed for its gardens of custard apple trees. These are some attractions of Bình Thuận : * Suối Vĩnh Hảo (Vĩnh Hảo Hot Spring) is also called the spring of crystallization, because the hot water contains a high content of carbonated substance the property of which is ideal for health rehabilitation purpose. In the old days, the hot water was used by the ancient Chăm people to make Holy Water for the washing of statues of gods. Nowadays, the hot water as warm as 30oC has been purified and bottled to make a good mineral drink. * Di tích lịch sử Dục Thanh và Bảo tàng Hồ Chí Minh (Dục Thanh historic site and Ho Chi Minh Museum) : The area is located in the centre of the town. * Grotto Pagoda - Co Thach Tu : The pagoda was built inside a grotto surrounded by a beautiful greenery made up by the mountain and the sea below. * Lầu ông Hoàng (Pavilion of Ong Hoang) : The pavilion is situated within lust beautiful surroundings, a harmonious combination of the mountain and the sea. This is the place where is located the tomb of patriot Nguyễn Thông who died in the late 19th century. It is right there that a legendary painful love story has been made between the nationally famous poet Hàn Mặc Tử and his lover, Mộng Cầm. * Bãi tắm Đồi Dương (Đồi Dương Swimming Beach) and Bãi tắm Rang (Rang Swimming Beach) have been regarded by many foreign tourists as a Paradise on Earth.

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