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    Động từ

    To row
    chèo thuyền
    to row a boat

    Danh từ

    mái chèo
    an oar
    Traditional operetta%%Chèo (Traditional operetta) is an original synthesis of folk songs, dances and narration. The words of the play are imbued with the lyricism of folk songs, proverbs and popular sayings. A Chèo play could be put on stage in a large theatre, but it also could be performed successfully on one or two bed mats spread in the middle of a communal house with a cast of only three : a hero, a heroine and a clown. The clown in a Chèo play seems to be a supporting role, but actually he or she is very important to the performance. The clowns present a comic portrayal of social life, with ridiculous and satirical words and gestures they reduce the audience to tears of laughter. The national Chèo repertoire includes among others Truong Vien, Kim Nhan, Lưu Bình Dương Lễ and Quan Am Thị Kính, which are considered treasures of the traditional stage.

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