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    Two Trung Sisters
    Hai Bà Trưng (The two ladies Trưng) - Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị - meant King I and King II in the ancient Vietnamese language. Legend has it that the elder sister was named Trắc (hard cocoon) and the other Nhị (second-class cocoon) because their native village located in the mulberry-growing and silkworm-breeding area. They are the daughters of the Mê Linh district's commanding general and the descendants of the Hùng Kings. Thi Sách - Trưng Trắc's husband and another general's son - was killed by Tô Định (governor appointed by Hán Dynasty). In 40, the ladies Trưng rose up in arms and successfully restored the independence for their country during three years. Being defeated by the Chinese general Mã Viện in 43, those two heroines killed themselves in the Hát river (where the Hồng and Đáy rivers met each other). It is also rumoured that they were killed in action. Afterwards, they were worshipped in Hát môn (Phú Thọ, Sơn Tây), Mê Linh and at Đền Hai Bà (Two Ladies' Temple) in Đông Nhân (Hà Nội).

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