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    %%Nam Định City, provincial capital of Nam Hà, is 90km from Hà Nội via National Highway 1. In the old days, Nam Định City was established as a venue for court examinations. The traditional thirst for learning in Nam Định City has created for the Vietnamese nation some nationally famous writers and poets. The most famous satirical poet Vietnam has ever produced was Trần Tế Xương, commonly called Tú Xương. He was born and bred in Nam Định City. Situated in the northern suburbs of Nam Định City, Túc Mạc Village is the native village of National Hero Trần Hưng Đạo. The premises of the former royal palace of Nhà Trần cover tens of hectares of land stretching from Thiên Trường Temple and Cổ Trạch Temple to Phổ Minh or Chùa Tháp (Stupa Pagoda). The two temples are dedicated to the Trần kings. Inside Thiên Trường Temple, there remains a written document for the prayers of the 14 Trần kings. Cổ Trạch Temple is dedicated to Trần Hưng Đạo. To develop and expand the influence of the Buddhist religion, the Trần kings ordered the construction of Phổ Minh Pagoda in the 13th century and used it as a centre of Buddhism. In front of the pagoda is a stupa resembling a lotus flower. On top of the stupa is a Bút Tháp (Pen Tower) made of stones. The foundation and the first level of the stupa are richly decorated with different types of patterns resembling lotus flowers, dragons, sea waves and flying masses of cloud. Legend has it that the stupa was used as the mausoleum of King Trần Nhân Tôn. Situated on the southeastern part of Nam Định City, Cổ Lễ Pagoda and Keo Hanh Thien Pagoda are classified among the best architectural projects of the Buddhist religion. The province is famous for its age-old traditional crafts and handicrafts. The villages of La Xuyen, Cat Dang and Thanh Son are reputed for their lacquerwares, ivory carvings, mother-of-pearl inlaid products and embroidery. Visitors often visit Nam Ha to attend the Phủ Giày Temple Festival which is organized annually between the first day and the tenth day of the lunar third month. Phủ Giày Temple is dedicated to Princess Liễu Hạnh.

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