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    %%*Nhà Hậu Lý (Post-Lý Dynasty) : The fact that Lý Công Uẩn had been proclaimed king brought an end to Nhà Tiền Lê (Pre-Lê Dynasty). Our country became Đại Việt with Thăng Long as royal capital. This dynasty laid the solid foundation to the all-sided national development. The first written code (Hình Thư) came into being. The communication and the commerce were strongly developed. Confucianism began to find its true position, while Buddhism reached the apogee. This started a stage of splendid development of the Thăng Long culture. Besides, there were the victory over the Tống troops (1075-1077) and the pacification over Chăm Pa. At the end of Post-Lý Dynasty, competition for power between warlords and peasant insurrections broke out. The kings were Lý Thái Tổ (1009-1028), Lý Thái Tôn (1028-1054), Lý Thánh Tôn (1054-1072), Lý Nhân Tôn (1072-1128), Lý Thần Tôn (1128-1138), Lý Anh Tôn (1138-1175), Lý Cao Tôn (1175-1210), Lý Huệ Tôn (1210-1224) and Lý Chiêu Hoàng (1224-1225).

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