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    %%After Mai Hắc Đế, Phùng Hưng (Bố Cái Đại Vương) was also the leader of an insurrection against the Đường Chinese dynasty. Wealthy and prestigious in Dương Lâm area (Sơn Tây), he was reputed for benevolence and extraordinary strength (beating the buffalo and killing the tiger). In 791, he besieged and occupied Tống Bình (Hà Nội), liberating the country. He died after seven years in power, and was respectfully called Bố Cái Đại Vương (King "Parents") by the people. Being in weak position, his son resigned himself to yield to the Đường dynasty. There are many temples in memory of Bố Cái Đại Vương one of which locates in the Kim Ma street (Hà Nội).

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