• Thông dụng

    %%The Thánh Gióng (Saint Gióng or Phù Đổng Thiên Vương) legend is the first one highlighting the anti-aggression spirit of the Vietnamese people. Legend has it that his mother was pregnant and gave birth to him after having unexpectedly trodden on a gigantic god's footprint. He spent three consecutive years on the stone bed without uttering any word and giving no smile. At the Hung King's call for a struggle against the An aggressors, he sit up briskly and expressed his deep aspiration for going to the front. Since then, he ate too much and grew very quickly. With an armour, an iron helmet, an iron stick and on the back of an iron horse, he rushed impetuously into the An aggressors.Once his iron stick had been broken, he immediately pulled out a bamboo grove and used it as a powerful weapon. After having beaten the enemy to pieces, Thánh Gióng and his iron horse flew up into the sky and vanished without leaving a trace.

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