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    %%With Bình Sơn (Quảng Ngãi) as native land, Trương Định (1820-1864) was an insurgent leader against the French aggressors. His father had been the commander of Gia Định. By enlisting the poor to reclaim waste land, Trương Định was proclaimed assistant sergeant-major. He rose up in arms in Saigon since 1859, then moved his troops to Gò Công. After the 1862 treaty, King Tự Đức wanted Trương Định to leave the resistance base and to become the commander of AnGiang. But the people aspired to proclaim him Bình Tây Đại Nguyên Soái (Great marshal suppressing the French). Instead of complying with the king's orders, Trương Định continued his anti-aggression struggle. The French concentrated their armed forces for an overwhelming attack on Gò Công (between February 25th and February 28th 1863). Gò Công fell to the enemy, but Trương Định's troops went on fighting throughout three eastern provinces. On August 20th 1864, Trương Định was seriously wounded and stabbed himself to death. His son Trương Quyền continued the insurrection until 1867.

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