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    %%* Việt ethnic group occupies 87% of the Vietnamese population. From the first residential area in Hồng (Red River), Cả and Mã basin, they gradually advanced southwards together with other ethnic groups. The concentration was noticeable in the deltas from lower section of Red River, Coastal Centre to lower section of Mekong River. Việt's residential sphere spread uninterruptedly from the Ngọc cape to Hà Tiên where the continental and oceanic ecological environments met each other. The society was tightly organized in form of hamlets, villages, communes and townlets. Each village was a factor maintaining the traditional social structure of the Việt ethnic group and where small trade, agricultural and handicraft production took place. Its familiar landscapes resided in rice-fields, gardens, ponds, breeding and handicraft occupations. Linguistically, there was the transition from Chinese language to nôm language, then to quốc ngữ (national language) with Latin-based letters in the late 19th century.

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