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    thanks Cubi. It's always been my favorite song:))

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    Des ơi, cháu mới writing xong, des xem thử nha.;D

    Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do their work from home instead of working at office every day. Working at home should be encouraged for workers and employees as it is good?

    Nowadays, internet covers around the world. By a click, we are connected no matter where we are stay. The computers and modems allow employees and workers do their job at home. These devices have led them to thought that “no need to go to office”. From my point of view, it’s not good for letting workers and employees work at home because they could lose motivation or be affected by entertaining websites and they could not interact directly with their peers.

    All we know that pressure at office leads to increasing motivation. Deadline-a limited time- pushes workers to finish their tasks quickly and qualitatively, otherwise, personnel can meet some troubles from manages. In addition, behavior rules and disciplined law are strict regulations that keep workers and employees performing as effectively as possible. To clarify, workers and employees have to concentrate their work without influence by their personal matter. Thanks to pressure at office, workers and employees show seriously yourself in your company.

    One more advantage is not less important is interaction of staff with their colleague. It’s not by chance that teamwork is always a major priority at office. Interaction among workers affects their works so that it can reach target fast. Besides, employees could have the real feelings when they are a part of one public at office. That is they can raise their real relationship, meet and talk to real people in the place of just sitting at chair and joint to virtual network. Moreover, they could not focus on their work owing to distracting of many entertaining websites such as Facebook or Yahoo if they worked at home.

    I believe that encouraging workers and employees work at home is not good idea. I don’t support it because of the advantages of working at office and disadvantages of working at home. I believe that working at home will reduces pressure on employees, losing the interaction among them and it will be influence by many things as entertaining websites.

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