• Thông dụng

    Danh từ.

    Label, trademark
    nhãn lọ thuốc ho
    the label of a cough potion bottle
    nhãn vở
    a copy-book label
    Longan%%Longan trees are grown in a large number in northern provinces whereas few are planted in the southern part. The most famous longan comes from former Hung Yen province (now the present-day Hai Hung province). In the old days, Hung Yen longan was among the food items reserved as tributes to the kings. The fruit is as small as the tip of the thumb. Inside the thin and lightly brown skin is the transparently white pulp which covers a smaller glossy black seed. The thicker the pulp is, the juicier and the more fragrant the longan is. Longan is a kind of rich protein fruit. It is usually made one of the main ingredients to make lotus seed added Longan sweet soup which is very precious for refreshments in summer. Seedless Longan, when being dried, is called dried Longan. This is a very fine choice for connoisseurs.

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