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    make the Duong; from sticks to make holes in the ground for sowing, the Khơmu make the Kle Kla; others are the ding pa, klong put of the highlanders; the stones hung over a waterfall to make a sound when struck together and used to drive off beasts gave these groups the inspiration to make the very ancient lithophone; an elevated wicker string above a plank-covered hole is called Trong Quan and was the prototype for the fantastic monocord; the Phong Tiêu, a type of flute, which reminds the listener of a kite flute and the To diep, Ky pa are not remote from the highland hunters beast-calling horn; the never-ending sound of the wind in caves and caverns, or on hills where kouniaks have been felled, served as tangible models for highlanders voong to be hung before the Nhà Rông, or village hall, so that the wind makes a concert throughout the year. The lithophone is both musical instrument and a holy object. The gong and the cymbal are both musical instruments and precious and religious objects. Vietnams musical instruments spring from real life and were made by creative laborers. The instruments were, and are, crucial to cultural life. (VNS)

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    musical instrument
    giao diện nhạc cụ kỹ thuật số
    MIDI (MusicalInstrument Digital Interface)
    giao diện nhạc cụ kỹ thuật số
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDD)
    nhạc cụ điện tử
    electronic musical instrument

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