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    To sing out for, to shout for
    đến bến đò trong đêm khuya
    to sing out for the boat late at night at a ferry
    To call on, to urge
    nhau đi đắp đê chống lụt
    to urge one another to go and strengthen dykes in anticipation of floods
    To cry for
    to cry for food
    voi bắn súng sậy
    much ado about nothing
    Danh từ
    Vietnamese chanty, work song%%Ho Hue (Hue chanty) : With high lyric quality, Hue chanty is closely attached to the everyday working life. They play the O chanty with a passionate tune when treading water, mowing weed, harrowing, or following a buffalo treading on paddy. They play the Do Hay chanty with a slow and sad tune when doing some light piece of job (hashing potatoes, chopping marsh-lentil, weaving cloth, lulling a baby...). The Ho Bui chanty has a reasonably fast and rythmical air : One puts forward a tune, and another responds. They play the Nen chanty when building a road or a dyke, the Nen Voi chanty when pounding lime, even the Gia Gao chanty when grinding rice.... The river chanties consist of Day Nuoc (pushing water), Mai Day (played when an overloaded boat crosses a waterfall, a very fast flow or strong waves) with very lively parallel sentences, and Dua Ghe (boat race). With no sneering hints, the Mai Nhi tender chanty alluding to warm trysts and heart-rending moans is played when the weather is attractively calm. In addition, there are Ru con (lulling a baby) and Dua Linh (attending a funeral) chanties.

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