• Noun

    the place at which two things, or separate parts of one thing, are joined or united, either rigidly or in such a way as to permit motion; juncture.
    a connection between pieces of wood, metal, or the like, often reinforced with nails, screws, or glue.
    Anatomy, Zoology .
    the movable or fixed place or part where two bones or elements of a skeleton join.
    the form or structure of such a part, as a ball-and-socket, hinge, pivot, etc.
    one of the large portions into which a section of meat is divided by a butcher, as the shoulder or leg, esp. as served at table.
    Slang . a marijuana cigarette.
    Slang .
    a dirty, cheap, or disreputable place of public accommodation or entertainment, esp. a restaurant or nightclub.
    a place or establishment, as a hotel, restaurant, etc.
    We stayed in a very classy joint near the ocean.
    Biology .
    a part, esp. of a plant, insect, etc., connected with another part by an articulation, node, or the like.
    a portion between two articulations, nodes, or the like.
    Botany . the part of a stem from which a branch or leaf grows; node.
    Geology . a fracture plane in rocks, generally at right angles to the bedding of sedimentary rocks and variously oriented in igneous and metamorphic rocks, commonly arranged in two or more sets of parallel intersecting systems.
    Mathematics . knot ( def. 12 ) .
    the joint, Slang . prison
    He got out of the joint just before Christmas.
    Vulgar penis.


    shared by or common to two or more
    a joint obligation.
    undertaken or produced by two or more in conjunction or in common
    a joint reply; a joint effort.
    sharing or acting in common
    joint members of a committee.
    joined or associated, as in relation, interest, or action
    joint owners.
    Law . joined together in obligation or ownership
    joint heirs.
    of or pertaining to both branches of a bicameral legislature.
    pertaining to or noting diplomatic action in which two or more governments are formally united.

    Verb (used with object)

    to unite by a joint or joints.
    to form or provide with a joint or joints.
    to cut (a fowl, piece of meat, etc.) at the joint; divide at a joint; separate into pieces at the joints
    to joint a chicken.
    Carpentry .
    to prepare (a board or the like) for fitting in a joint.
    to true the bottom of (a wooden plane body) to allow even movement along the surface of the work.
    to file the teeth of (a saw) to uniform height.
    Masonry . to finish (a mortar joint), as by striking.

    Verb (used without object)

    to fit together by or as if by joints
    The cinder blocks jointed neatly.


    out of joint
    dislocated, as a bone.
    in an unfavorable state; inauspicious
    The time is out of joint.
    out of keeping; inappropriate
    Such behavior seems wholly out of joint with their fine upbringing.


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