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    (New page: {|align="right" | __TOC__ |} ==Từ điển thông dụng== ===Danh từ=== =====Sân nhà===== =====Toà án; quan toà; phiên toà===== ::court of justice ::toà án ::[[a...)
    (Cung điện (vua); triều đình; quần thần; buổi chầu)
    Dòng 24: Dòng 24:
    ::[[to]] [[hold]] [[a]] [[court]]
    ::[[to]] [[hold]] [[a]] [[court]]
    ::tổ chức buổi chầu thiết triều
    ::tổ chức buổi chầu thiết triều
    ::[[the]] [[court]] [[of]] [[the]] [[Tsars]]
    ::[[the]] [[court]] [[of]] [[the]] Tsars
    ::cung vua Nga
    ::cung vua Nga
    ::[[Court]] [[of]] [[St]] [[James]]
    ::[[Court]] [[of]] [[St]] [[James]]

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    Thông dụng

    Danh từ

    Sân nhà
    Toà án; quan toà; phiên toà
    court of justice
    toà án
    at a court
    tại một phiên toà
    to bring to court for trial
    mang ra toà để xét xử
    Cung điện (vua); triều đình; quần thần; buổi chầu
    to hold a court
    tổ chức buổi chầu thiết triều
    the court of the Tsars
    cung vua Nga
    Court of St James
    triều đình của vua (hoàng hậu) nước Anh
    (thể dục,thể thao) sân (đánh quần vợt...)
    Phố cụt
    Sự ve vãn, sự tán tỉnh
    to pay one's court to someone
    tán tỉnh ai
    out of court
    mất quyền thưa kiện
    (nghĩa bóng) lỗi thời, không còn thích hợp; không có căn cứ

    Ngoại động từ

    Tìm cách đạt được, cầu, tranh thủ
    to court popular applause
    tìm cách làm cho quần chúng hoan nghênh
    to court someone's support
    tranh thủ sự ủng hộ của ai
    Ve vãn, tán tỉnh, tỏ tình, tìm hiểu
    Quyến rũ
    to court somebody into doing something
    quyến rũ ai làm việc gì
    Đón lấy, rước lấy, chuốc lấy
    to court disaster
    chuốc lấy tai hoạ
    to court death
    chuốc lấy cái chết; liều chết

    Xây dựng

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    tán tỉnh

    Kinh tế

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    pháp đình
    law court
    pháp định
    pháp viện
    High Court of Justice
    Tối cao Pháp viện
    tòa án

    Nguồn khác

    • court : Corporateinformation

    Nguồn khác


    N. & v.

    (in full court of law) a an assembly of judgesor other persons acting as a tribunal in civil and criminalcases. b = COURTROOM.
    A an enclosed quadrangular area forgames, which may be open or covered (tennis-court;squash-court). b an area marked out for lawn tennis etc. (hitthe ball out of court).
    A a small enclosed street in a town,having a yard surrounded by houses, and adjoining a largerstreet. b Brit. = COURTYARD. c (Court) the name of a largehouse, block of flats, street, etc. (Grosvenor Court). d (atCambridge University) a college quadrangle. e a subdivision ofa building, usu. a large hall extending to the ceiling withgalleries and staircases.
    A the establishment, retinue, andcourtiers of a sovereign. b a sovereign and his or hercouncillors, constituting a ruling power. c a sovereign'sresidence. d an assembly held by a sovereign; a Statereception.
    Attention paid to a person whose favour, love, orinterest is sought (paid court to her).
    A the qualifiedmembers of a company or a corporation. b (in some FriendlySocieties) a local branch. c a meeting of a court.
    A try to win the affection or favour of (a person). b payamorous attention to (courting couples).
    Seek to win(applause, fame, etc.).
    Invite (misfortune) by one's actions(you are courting disaster).
    US a building containing the administrative offices of a county.Court leet see LEET(1). Court of Appeal a court of law hearingappeals against judgements in the Crown Court, High Court,County Court, etc. Court of Protection Brit. the department ofthe Supreme Court attending to the affairs of the mentallyunfit. court of record a court whose proceedings are recordedand available as evidence of fact. Court of St James's theBritish sovereign's court. Court of Session the supreme civilcourt in Scotland. court of summary jurisdiction a court havingthe authority to use summary proceedings and arrive at ajudgement or conviction. court order a direction issued by acourt or a judge, usu. requiring a person to do or not dosomething. court plaster hist. sticking-plaster for cuts etc.(formerly used by ladies at court for face-patches). court rollhist. a manorial-court register of holdings. court shoe awoman's light, usu. high-heeled, shoe with a low-cut upper.court tennis US real tennis. go to court take legal action. incourt appearing as a party or an advocate in a court of law.out of court 1 (of a plaintiff) not entitled to be heard.
    (ofa settlement) arranged before a hearing or judgement can takeplace.
    Not worthy of consideration (that suggestion is out ofcourt). [ME f. AF curt, OF cort, ult. f. L cohors, -hortisyard, retinue: (v.) after OIt. corteare, OF courtoyer]

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