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    (New page: {|align="right" | __TOC__ |} ==Từ điển thông dụng== ===Phó từ=== =====Sau, đằng sau===== ::three days after ::ba ngày sau ::soon after ::ngay sau đó :...)
    (Phỏng theo, theo)
    Dòng 37: Dòng 37:
    =====Phỏng theo, theo=====
    =====Phỏng theo, theo=====
    ::[[a]] [[picture]] [[after]] [[Rubens]]
    ::[[a]] [[picture]] [[after]] Rubens
    ::một bức tranh theo kiểu Ruben
    ::một bức tranh theo kiểu Ruben
    ::[[after]] [[the]] [[Russian]] [[fashion]]
    ::[[after]] [[the]] [[Russian]] [[fashion]]

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    Thông dụng

    Phó từ

    Sau, đằng sau
    three days after
    ba ngày sau
    soon after
    ngay sau đó
    to follow after
    theo sau

    Giới từ

    Sau, sau khi
    after dinner
    sau bữa cơm
    Ở đằng sau, phía sau, đứng sau, liền sau
    Summer comes after Spring
    mùa hạ đến liền sau mùa xuân
    Theo sau, theo đuổi (diễn tả ý tìm kiếm, sự mong muốn, sự trông nom săn sóc)
    to be after something
    đuổi theo cái gì, tìm kiếm cái gì
    to thirst after knowledge
    khao khát sự hiểu biết
    to look after somebody
    trông nom săn sóc ai
    Phỏng theo, theo
    a picture after Rubens
    một bức tranh theo kiểu Ruben
    after the Russian fashion
    theo mốt Nga
    Với, do, vì
    after a cool reception
    với một sự tiếp đãi lạnh nhạt
    Mặc dù, bất chấp
    after all the threats
    bất chấp tất cả những sự doạ nạt
    after all
    cuối cùng, sau hết, rốt cuộc, xét cho cùng
    after one's heart

    Xem heart

    after a manner (fashion)
    tàm tạm, tạm được
    after that

    Xem that

    after you!
    xin mời đi trước!
    day after day

    Xem day

    the day after
    ngày hôm sau
    time after time

    Xem time

    Liên từ

    Sau khi
    I went immediately after I had received the information
    sau khi nhận được tin, tôi đi ngay

    Tính từ

    Sau này, sau đây, tiếp sau
    in after years
    trong những năm sau này; trong tương lai
    (hàng hải) ở đằng sau, ở phía sau
    the after part of the ship
    phía sau tàu

    Kỹ thuật chung

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành


    Kinh tế

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    sau (thời gian bao nhiêu ngày...)


    Prep., conj., adv., & adj.

    A following in time;later than (after six months; after midnight; day after day). bUS in specifying time (a quarter after eight).
    (with causalforce) in view of (something that happened shortly before)(after your behaviour tonight what do you expect?).
    (withconcessive force) in spite of (after all my efforts I'm nobetter off).
    Behind (shut the door after you).
    In pursuitor quest of (run after them; inquire after him; hanker after it;is after a job).
    About, concerning (asked after her; askedafter her health).
    In allusion to (named him William afterthe prince).
    In imitation of (a person, word, etc.) (apainting after Rubens; 'aesthete' is formed after 'athlete').
    Next in importance to (the best book on the subject after mine).10 according to (after a fashion).
    Conj. in or at a timelater than that when (left after they arrived).
    Laterin time (soon after; a week after).
    Behind in place (followedon after; look before and after).
    Later, following(in after years).
    Naut. nearer the stern (after cabins; aftermast; after-peak).
    In spite of one's exertions, expectations, etc.(they tried for an hour and failed after all; so you have comeafter all!). after-care care of a patient after a stay inhospital or of a person on release from prison. after-dampchoking gas left after an explosion of firedamp in a mine.after-effect an effect that follows after an interval or afterthe primary action of something. after-image an image retainedby a sense-organ, esp. the eye, and producing a sensation afterthe cessation of the stimulus. after one's own heart see HEART.after-taste a taste remaining or recurring after eating ordrinking. after you a formula used in offering precedence. [OE‘fter f. Gmc]

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