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    Danh từ.

    làng ta đã hợp với sáu làng chung quanh thành một
    our village has merged with six other neighbouring ones into a commune
    dân làng
    Set, table (in a game), circles
    làng báo
    the press circles
    nhà cái thua cả làng
    the banker lost to all the table
    làng nho AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang Long Xuyên AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang AnGiang Tây Bắc Vĩnh Phú Đồng Tháp Tây Nội
    , 200 families in the district of Ba Vì, Dan Phương and Mỹ Đức keep more than 200 fish cages along the Đà and Red Rivers. Ba Vì district alone has 165 cages, mainly raising Indian carp. They yield from two to three tonnes of fish per cage. On average, the fish raisers get from 16 to 24 million dong in income and about seven million in net profit. Riverside villages such as Thuan My, Tay Dang, Co Do and Minh Châu are gradually shifting from fishing in the river to raising fish in cages. The administration in Ba Vì has made a uniform loan of one million dong to every family of fish raisers. Experts are providing technical assistance to make fish spawn in the rivers, thus reducing production costs. Many families of farmers are also raising fish as a secondary occupation besides cultivation. One thousand families of farmers in Ba Vì district have registered for caged fish raising. (VNS)

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