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    thành phần
    all components
    tất cả các thành phần
    bandoliered components
    thành phần treo
    colour difference signal components
    thành phần sai biệt màu sắc
    components combined in phase quadrature
    thành phần kết hợp trong phép cầu phương
    components combined in phase quadrature
    thành phần kết hợp trong phép vuông pha
    components of displacement
    thành phần chuyển vị
    even-order components of a signal
    thành phần bậc chẵn của tín hiệu
    field components
    thành phần trường
    harmonic components
    thành phần hài hòa
    High Definition Multiplexed Analogue Components (HD-MAC)
    các thành phần ghép kênh tương tự có độ phân giải cao
    high order components for a signal
    thành phần cấp cao của tín hiệu
    in-band fold-over components
    thành phần xếp tập trong dải
    landscape components
    thành phần cảnh quan
    1. Refer to the routing table shown in the exhibit. What is the meaning of the highlighted value 192?
    It is the metric, which is cost.
    2. What is the purpose of the TTL field within an IP packet header?
    limits the period of time or number of hops a packet can traverse through the network before it should be discarded
    3. When would the network administrator use the ip bandwidth-percent eigrpas-number percent command?
    when there is a low bandwidth connection
    4. What is the function of the OSPF LSU packet?
    used to announce new OSPF information and to reply to certain types of requests
    5. Two routers need to be configured within a single OSPF area. Which two components need to be configured on both routers to achieve this? (Choose two.)
    the same area ID
    network addresses and wildcard masks
    6. Which routing protocol maintains a topology table separate from the routingtable?
    7. A router has learned two equal cost paths to a remote network via the EIGRP and RIP protocols. Both protocols are using their default configurations. Which path to the remote network will be installed in the routing table?
    the path learned via EIGRP
    8. Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to access the Internet. What is the reason for this?
    The Fa0/1 interfaces of the two routers are configured for different subnets.
    9. Which two locations can be the source of the Cisco IOS that is used by a router during the bootup process? (Choose two.)
    flash memory
    TFTP server
    11. Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1 and R2 are directly connected via their serial interfaces and are both running the EIGRP routing protocol. R1 and R2 can ping the directly connected serial interface of their neighbor, but they cannot form an EIGRP neighbor adjacency. What action should be taken to solve this problem?
    Configure both routers with the same EIGRP process ID.
    12. Refer to the exhibit. The interfaces of all routers are configured for OSPF area 0. R3 can ping R1, but the two routers are unable to establish a neighbor adjacency. What should the network administrator do to troubleshoot this problem?
    Check the hello and dead intervals between the routers.
    13. Refer to the exhibit. The hosts that are connected to R2 are unable to ping the hosts that are connected to R1. How can this problem be resolved?
    Configure the R2 router interfaces for area 0.
    14. Refer to the exhibit. The command ip route S0/0/0 is run on router R2. What are the two results of this command? (Choose two.)
    A static route will be updated in the routing table.
    The route will be specified as the default route for all networks not defined in the routing table.
    15. Refer to the exhibit. All routers are properly configured with default configurations and are running the OSPF routing protocol. The network is fully converged. A host on the network is communicating with a host on the network. Which path will be used to transmit the data?
    The data will be transmitted via R3-R1-R2.
    16. In a lab test environment, a router has learned about network through four different dynamic routing processes. Which route will be used to reach this network?
    D [90/2195456] via, 00:00:09, Serial0/0/0
    17. Which two technologies can be used in distance vector routing protocols to prevent routing loops? (Choose two.)
    hold-down timers
    split horizon
    18. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator wants to reduce the size of the routing table of R1. Which partial routing table entry in R1 represents the route summary for R2, without including any additional subnets? is subnetted, 1 subnets
    D[90/205901] via, S0/0/0
    19. Refer to the exhibit. How many routes are ultimate routes?
    20. Which statement correctly describes a feature of RIP?
    RIP uses only one metric—hop count— for path selection.
    21. Refer to the exhibit. Which combination of IP address and subnet mask can be used on the serial interface of Router2 in order to put the interface in the same network as the serial interface of Router1?
    IP, subnet mask
    22. The command ip route was entered into the router. After network changes were made, the new next hop for the network is What should an administrator do so that the router will use the new next hop to reach the network?
    Negate the original command and enter a new static route with the new next hop.
    23. A network administrator is in charge of two separate networks that share a single building. What device will be required to connect the two networks and add a common connection to the Internet that can be shared?
    24. A network administrator must use the subnet to create 6 additional subnets each containing up to 2000 hosts for local LANs. Which subnet mask should the administrator use to create the new subnets?
    25. When connecting two devices, which situation would normally require the use of a crossover cable?
    connecting a host to a router console port
    26. Which router mode is accessed by entering the enable command?
    privileged EXEC
    27. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the partial output in the exhibit, why can users establish a console connection to this router without entering a password?
    The login command was not entered on the console line.
    28. Refer to the exhibit. Which option will provide the configuration that is needed for router R1 to dynamically learn routes to the,, and subnetworks?
    with a routing protocol
    29. Refer to the exhibit. The network is configured for RIPv2 routing. What path will a packet from router A take to reach the LAN that is attached to router F if the 56 kb/s link between router A and router E fails?
    A, D, G, E, H, F
    30. Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1 and R2 are directly connected through a FastEthernet link but cannot form a neighbor adjacency. What could resolve the problem?
    The hello and dead timers must be configured with the same values on both routers.
    31. Which feature of RIPv2 enables it to function as a classless routing protocol?
    Subnet masks are included in routing updates.
    32. Refer to the exhibit. Which solution provides the most efficient use of router resources for forwarding traffic between BR and HQ?
    static routes
    33. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configures a static route on router R1 to reach the network. Which IP address should be used as the next-hop address in the ip route command?
    34. Refer to the exhibit. Which two interface variables will determine the metric that is used on EIGRP routes? (Choose two.)
    36. Which multicast address does EIGRP use to send hello and updates packets?
    37. What is the key responsibility of the switching function within a router?
    to encapsulate packets in the correct data link frame type
    38. Refer to the exhibit. If the attached device is configured correctly, what action can be taken to change the state of FastEthernet0/0 to Up Up?
    Issue the no shutdown command for the interface.
    39. Which two commands can be used to modify the default OSPF metric calculation of a link? (Choose two.)
    R1(config-if)# bandwidth
    R1(config-if)# ip ospf cost
    40. Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true based on the exhibited output? (Choose two.)
    Automatic summarization is disabled.
    The EIGRP routing protocol is being used.
    41. Refer to the exhibit. Two connected routers are unable to establish adjacency. Based on the show ip ospf interface output, what could be the problem?
    The dead timers do not match.
    42. What is a characteristic of classful routing?
    routing updates do not include a subnet mask
    43. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is investigating why data packets with destination addresses of and are being dropped instead of being forwarded via the static route as expected. After confirming that the ip classless command has been applied on all routers in the network, what other action should the administrator take to ensure that data packets to these addresses are forwarded via the static route?
    Issue the no auto-summary command within the EIGRP configuration of all routers.
    44. A router in an EIGRP enterprise network has a default route configured via the interface that connects to the ISP. Which command would the network administrator apply on this router so that other routers in the EIGRP AS 100 network will use this default route?
    redistribute static
    45. A network administrator configures a new router and saves the configuration. The router is taken to the installation site and installed. On startup, what component will the router search first by default for the saved configuration?
    46. Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer removes a new router from the shipping container and powers on the router to ensure it passes POST. Which port would the engineer use to perform the initial configuration?
    47. Refer to the exhibit. A ping between host A and host B is successful, but pings from host A to operational hosts on the Internet fail. What is the reason for this problem?
    One of the default routes is configured incorrectly.
    48. You have been asked to explain converged networks to a trainee. How would you accurately describe a converged network?
    A network is converged after all routers share the same information, calculate best paths, and update their routing tables.
    49. A network administrator is troubleshooting a RIPv2 network that is not converging as expected. Which command can the administrator use on each router to view the RIPv2 updates as they are received?
    debug ip rip
    50. A network administrator is setting up a new router with a device name of Admin, an encrypted password of cangetin, and the IP address assigned to the first FastEthernet interface. Which command sequence correctly configures this router?
    Router(config)# hostname Admin
    Admin(config)# enable secret cangetin
    Admin(config)# interface fa0/0
    Admin(config-if)# ip address

    orthogonal linear components
    thành phần tuyến tính trực giao
    physical delivery address components
    thành phần địa chỉ gửi vật lý
    separation of the spectrum components
    sự phân tách thành phần phổ
    strain components
    thành phần biến dạng
    stress components
    các thành phần ứng suất
    symmetrical (0, 1, 2) components
    thành phần đối xứng (0, 1, 2)
    symmetrical components
    các thành phần đối xứng
    symmetrical components
    thành phần đối xứng
    có ba thành phần
    variance components
    thành phần phương sai

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