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    To see, to read
    đi coi hát
    to go and see the theatre, to go to the theatre
    coi báo
    to read the newspaper
    coi làm được thì hãy nhận
    see whether you can do it before accepting
    To do something (for oneself)
    thử làm coi
    try and do it for yourself
    anh coi đồng hồ coi mấy giờ rồi
    look at the clock to see for yourself what time it is
    To seem, to look
    ông ta coi còn khoẻ
    he seems to be still going strong
    mặt mũi dễ coi
    a good-looking face
    To watch, to keep an eye on, to mind
    coi nhà
    to keep an eye on the house
    coi em
    to mind one's younger brothers and sisters
    coi công việc đồng áng
    to mind the farming
    To consider, to regard, to look upon
    coi nhau như anh em
    to regard one another as brothers
    coi người bằng nửa con mắt
    to look down one's nose at others
    chống tưởng coi khinh lao động chân tay
    to combat looking down upon manual labour

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