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    (New page: {|align="right" | __TOC__ |} ==Từ điển thông dụng== ===Danh từ=== =====Tâm trí, tinh thần===== ::mind and body ::tinh thần và thể xác ::to be [[sou...)
    (Ý kiến, ý nghĩ, ý định)
    Dòng 98: Dòng 98:
    ::[[to]] [[poison]] [[A's]] [[mind]] [[against]] B
    ::[[to]] [[poison]] [[A's]] [[mind]] [[against]] B
    ::nói xấu B cho A nghe để A ghét B
    ::nói xấu B cho A nghe để A ghét B
    ::[[to]] [[speak]] [[one's]] [[mind]]
    ::[[to]] [[speak]] [[one]][['s]] [[mind]]
    ::thẳng thắn trình bày ý kiến của mình
    ::thẳng thắn trình bày ý kiến của mình
    ::[[to]] [[stick]] [[in]] [[somebody's]] [[mind]]
    ::[[to]] [[stick]] [[in]] [[somebody's]] [[mind]]
    Dòng 106: Dòng 106:
    ::[[to]] [[turn]] [[something]] [[over]] [[in]] [[one's]] [[mind]]
    ::[[to]] [[turn]] [[something]] [[over]] [[in]] [[one's]] [[mind]]
    ::suy ngẫm điều gì
    ::suy ngẫm điều gì
    ===Động từ===
    ===Động từ===

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    /Phiên âm này đang chờ bạn hoàn thiện/

    Thông dụng

    Danh từ

    Tâm trí, tinh thần
    mind and body
    tinh thần và thể xác
    to be sound in mind and body
    có tinh thần minh mẫn và thân thể tráng kiện
    to have complete peace of mind
    tâm trí hoàn toàn thanh thản
    Trí tuệ, trí óc
    to have a brilliant mind
    có trí óc minh mẫn
    Người có tài trí
    Ký ức, trí nhớ
    to call (bring) something to mind
    nhớ lại một cái gì
    Sự chú ý; sự chủ tâm
    to keep one's mind on doing something
    chuyên tâm làm điều gì
    to give one's mind to something
    chuyên tâm vào điều gì
    Don't let your mind wander !
    Đừng suy nghĩ mông lung!
    Ý kiến, ý nghĩ, ý định
    to change one's mind
    thay đổi ý kiến
    a meeting of minds

    Xem meeting

    to be in two minds about something
    phân vân/lưỡng lự về điều gì
    to be of somebody's mind
    đồng ý/nhất trí với ai
    I am of his mind
    tôi đồng ý với nó
    to be out of one's mind
    mất trí
    a man of unsound mind
    kẻ điên loạn
    to be in one's right mind
    tỉnh trí; tỉnh táo
    to bear/have/keep something in mind
    ghi nhớ điều gì
    to prey on someone's mind
    giày vò tâm trí ai
    to take a load/a weight off somebody's mind; to ease somebody's mind; to set somebody's mind at ease
    làm cho ai thở phào nhẹ nhõm
    to have something on one's mind
    lo lắng về điều gì
    to boggle somebody's mind
    làm cho ai chướng tai gai mắt
    the mind boggles
    điều đó thật chướng tai gai mắt
    to close one'mind to something
    thiếu suy nghĩ nghiêm túc về điều gì
    to come/spring to mind
    (nói về ý tưởng) loé ra; nảy ra
    to give someone a piece of one's mind
    thẳng thắn phê bình ai
    to go out of one's mind
    bị lãng quên
    to have a great/good mind to do something
    rất muốn làm điều gì
    I have a good mind to visit him
    tôi muốn đến thăm hắn
    to know one's own mind
    nắm chắc ý định của mình
    to have/keep an open mind
    có đầu óc cởi mở
    to open one's mind to somebody
    tâm sự với ai
    to make up one's mind
    quyết định, nhất định; đành phải coi như là không tránh được
    to make up one's mind to do something
    quyết định làm việc gì
    to make up one's mind to some mishap
    đành chấp nhận rủi ro
    to put someone in mind of someone/something
    nhắc ai nhớ đến ai/điều gì
    out of sight, out of mind
    xa mặt cách lòng
    to poison A's mind against B
    nói xấu B cho A nghe để A ghét B
    to speak one's mind
    thẳng thắn trình bày ý kiến của mình
    to stick in somebody's mind
    in đậm trong trí nhớ của ai
    to my mind
    theo tôi nghĩ; theo ý tôi
    to turn something over in one's mind
    suy ngẫm điều gì

    Động từ

    Chú ý; lưu ý; để ý
    mind the step!
    coi chừng cái bậc đấy!
    mind your head !
    coi chừng va đầu vào đấy!
    mind what you are about
    làm gì thì phải để ý vào đó; làm gì thì phải cẩn thận
    please mind the phone during my absence
    nhờ anh để ý điện thoại trong lúc tôi đi vắng
    Chăm nom; chăm sóc; trông nom
    to mind the house
    trông nom nhà cửa
    to mind the cows
    chăm sóc những con bò cái
    Quan tâm, bận tâm
    never mind what he says
    đừng bận tâm về những điều nó nói
    never mind!
    không sao cả!, không hề gì!; đừng bận tâm!
    Phản đối; cảm thấy phiền lòng
    I wouldn't mind a glass of lemonade
    tôi không phản đối một ly nước chanh (tôi thích một ly nước chanh)
    do you mind if I smoke?; do you mind my smoking?
    tôi hút thuốc không phiền gì anh (chị) chứ?
    do you mind the noise?
    tiếng ồn không làm phiền anh chứ?
    would you mind helping me?
    anh giúp tôi được chứ?
    mind you; mind
    xin anh nhớ kỹ
    I don't mind if I do
    vâng, xin phép ông (đáp lại lời mời nâng cốc)
    mind your P's and Q's !
    hãy thận trọng tí nào!
    to mind one's step
    thận trọng
    mind your own business
    hãy lo việc của anh đi! (đừng xía vào việc của người khác)

    Xây dựng

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    tâm trí

    Đồng nghĩa Tiếng Anh


    Intelligence, intellect, wit, wits, mentality, brain,brains, brainpower, sense, sagacity, wisdom, perception,percipience, reason, astuteness, insight, shrewdness, sapience,Colloq grey matter: There is nothing wrong with your son'smind, Mr Field; he just doesn't want to apply it to school work.2 memory, recollection; remembrance: Keep in mind what I amabout to tell you.
    Aptitude, head, perception, capacity,brain: She has a great mind for dates - for figures of allkinds.
    Intellect, intellectual, sage, genius, thinker, Colloqbrain: There is no doubt that your daughter is one of the greatminds of all time. 5 intention, disposition, temper,temperament, humour, fancy, tendency, bent, inclination, bias,persuasion: I was of a mind to let him have his own way.
    Opinion, sentiment, attitude, (point of) view, feeling,judgement, belief, viewpoint, position: She has a mind of herown. To my mind, the process could be greatly speeded up. 7feeling, position, will, wish, desire, plan(s): Won't youchange your mind and stay to dinner?
    Attention, thoughts,concentration, thinking: Try to keep your mind on your work.
    Bear or keep in mind. remember, do not forget or overlook,recall, retain, be aware or cognizant or mindful of, consider:Bear in mind that the post office is closed tomorrow.
    Givesomeone a piece of one's mind. castigate, scold, rebuke,reprimand, rail at, reprove, reproach, chastise, upbraid,berate, read (someone) the riot act, Colloq tell off, dressdown, haul or rake over the coals, skin alive, US bawl out;Slang give someone hell, US chew out: This time my fatherreally gave the maŒtre d'h“tel a piece of his mind. 11 in or oftwo minds. vacillating, undecided, ambivalent, uncertain,shilly-shallying, unsure, wavering: Sam was in two minds aboutordering a new computer.
    Know one's (own) mind. be decidedor resolved, be firm or resolute, be sure or certain orpositive, be (self-)assured or (self-)confident, be in touchwith oneself: He knows his own mind when it comes to hiscareer.
    Make up one's (own) mind. decide, choose, conclude,form an opinion; determine, consider, weigh, judge, deem: Sallyhasn't yet made up her mind about marrying Jan. Let her make upher own mind. 14 out of one's mind. insane, mad, crazy: You'reout of your mind if you think I'll go swimming in thatshark-infested bay!
    Object to, resent, take offence at, be offended by,dislike, be troubled or annoyed by, care, have any objection to,disapprove of, be bothered or affronted by: Do you mind notsmoking? Yes, I mind very much. Would you mind moving your car,you're blocking the drive. 16 heed, attend to, pay attention to,obey, listen to, make or take note of, mark, note: Please mindwhat your mother says.
    Watch, be careful of, take care with,be cautious of: Mind your head at that low doorway!
    Watchover, take care of, care for, look after, sit with, babysit,guard, keep an eye on or out for, have or take charge of,attend: Suzie is minding the children so that we can get somework done.
    Never mind. ignore, disregard, forget, pay noattention to, do not think twice about, do not give a secondthought to, erase or obliterate or cancel from the mind, sloughoff: Never mind what that naughty boy calls you!


    N. & v.

    A the seat of consciousness, thought, volition,and feeling. b attention, concentration (my mind keepswandering).
    The intellect; intellectual powers.
    Remembrance, memory (it went out of my mind; I can't call it tomind).
    One's opinion (we're of the same mind).
    A way ofthinking or feeling (shocking to the Victorian mind).
    Thefocus of one's thoughts or desires (put one's mind to it).
    The state of normal mental functioning (lose one's mind; inone's right mind).
    A person as embodying mental faculties (agreat mind).
    (usu. with neg. or interrog.) object to(do you mind if I smoke?; I don't mind your being late).
    Aremember; take care to (mind you come on time). b (often foll.by out) take care; be careful.
    Have charge of temporarily(mind the house while I'm away).
    Apply oneself to, concernoneself with (business, affairs, etc.) (I try to mind my ownbusiness).
    Give heed to; notice (mind the step; don't mindthe expense; mind how you go).
    US & Ir. be obedient to (mindwhat your mother says).
    (esp. of drugs etc.) inducinghallucinations. mind-boggling colloq. overwhelming, startling.mind out for guard against, avoid. mind over matter the powerof the mind asserted over the physical universe. mind one's Ps& Qs be careful in one's behaviour. mind-read discern thethoughts of (another person). mind-reader a person capable ofmind-reading. mind-set habits of mind formed by earlier events.mind the shop have charge of affairs temporarily. mind you anexpression used to qualify a previous statement (I found itquite quickly; mind you, it wasn't easy). mind your back (orbacks) colloq. an expression to indicate that a person wants toget past. never mind 1 an expression used to comfort orconsole.
    (also never you mind) an expression used to evade aquestion. open (or close) one's mind to be receptive (orunreceptive) to (changes, new ideas, etc.). put a person inmind of remind a person of. put (or set) a person's mind atrest reassure a person. put a person or thing out of one's minddeliberately forget. read a person's mind discern a person'sthoughts. to my mind in my opinion. [ME mynd f. OE gemynd f.Gmc]

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